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AZ-220 | Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Audience Profile

An Azure IoT Developer is responsible for implementing and maintaining the cloud and edge portions of an Azure IoT solution.


• Software development experience is a prerequisite for this course, but no specific software language is required, and the experience does not need to be at a professional level.

• Data Processing Experience is recommended

• Cloud Solution Awareness is recommended

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to IoT & Azure IoT Services


• Business Opportunities for IoT

• Introduction to IoT Solution Architecture

• IoT Hardware & Cloud Services

Module 2: Devices & Device Communication


• IoT Hub and Devices

• IoT Developer Tools

• Device Configuration & Communication

Module 3: Device Provisioning at Scale


• Device Provisioning Service Terms & Concepts

• Configure & Manage the Device Provisioning Service

• Device Provisioning Tasks

Module 4: Message Processing & Analytics


• Messages & Message Processing

• Data Storage Options

• Azure Stream Analytics

Module 5: Insights & Business Integration


• Business Integration for IoT Solutions

• Data Visualization with Time Series Insights

• Data Visualization with Power BI

Module 6: Azure IoT Edge Deployment Process


• Introduction

• Edge Deployment Process

• Edge Gateway Devices

Module 7: Azure IoT Edge Modules and Containers


• Develop Custom Edge Modules

• Offline and Local Storage

Module 8: Device Management


• Introduction

• Manage IoT and IoT Edge Devices

• Device Management at Scale

Module 9: Solution Testing, Diagnostics & Logging


• Monitoring & Logging

• Troubleshooting

Module 10: Azure Security Center & IoT Security Considerations


• Introduction

• Security Fundamentals for IoT Solutions

• Enhance Protection with Azure Security Center for IoT Agents

Module 11: Build an IoT Solution with IoT Central


• Introduction

• Create & Manage Device Templates

• Manage Devices in Azure IoT Central

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