Active! vault enhances “Integrity”, “Searchability,” and “Security” which are key requirements for email archiving. We have realized both high-utility and a low-price by simple and secure design.

Why is Active! gate an excellent choice?

  • Why is Active! vault an excellent choice?

    Of course, archiving all of your emails is an option. But why not just archive the required emails by customizing the settings in the archiving policy? Doing this will realize effective internal control based on the security policy of each individual company or division.

  • Operable without affecting the existing system

    Active! vault adopts an agent system, which transfers emails from the existing MTA and does not inhibit the communication route of emails. You can install it in a short time without changing the existing system. In addition, if any trouble occurs during email archiving, it has no effect as it is independent from the email system, and continuity is maintained.

  • High retrieval performance for locating targeted emails

    A user with special privileges to search archived emails can search and refer emails within the limits of their privileges, and download the search results. The user can also search using advanced setting conditions such as the reception period, email address of sender or receiver, subject, message, attachment, Message ID, or policy. Keyword search of file content is also available. The user can also confirm that email has not been altered in the advanced information screen.

  • Ensuring the prevention of information leakage and privacy considerations

    The number of search users can be up to three. Their accesses are controlled by IP address, term, day of the week, and time zone. Separate to search users, multiple administrators can be created depending on their business role. Separating administrators and the search users enables the archiving system to operate while maintaining confidentiality of data and privacy.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Requirement Recommended minimum value
CPU Intel DualCore, QuadCore and equaling or surpassing processer
Memory 2GB or more (Recommended: 4GB or more)
HDD 10GB or more
Network I/F 100BASE × 1 or more

*Hard drive capacity is depended on the archiving plan. Pre-investment is required.
*When using on VPS environment, pay attention to the resource assignment to each container.
*Hardware requirements vary by product and should be confirmed.

Software Requirements

Requirement Value
Product Name and Version Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 (32bit/64bit)
CentOS 6.10 (32bit/64bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 (64bit)
CentOS 7.9 (64bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 (64bit)
AlmaLinux 8.9 (64bit)                   
CentOS 8.5 (64bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3 (64bit)
AlmaLinux 9.3 (64bit)
Errata Apply the latest errata to make sure of security.
Accompanying Package Software When you select packages that come with the OS and install, please avoid installing Apache HTTP Server and PostgreSQL.(except on Agent dedicated server)
Server Certificate When you use the web interface for the administrator by using https protocol, the server certificate put out by various authentication service is required.
Supported Virtual Environments The failure which occurred in virtual environments will be supported only if the same event occurred in physical environments. Also, events related to the performance in virtual environments cannot be supported.

Web Interface Supported Browsers

Microsoft Edge 121.0.2277.83
Mozilla Firefox 122.0
Google Chrome 121.0.6167.86
Safari 17.2

*About the browser’s version, we tested on the latest version of each browser as releasing each version of Active! vault. If a problem occurs with a browser other than the version we have verified, we will correct the problem as necessary, but browsers released prior to the version we have verified may have limitations in their specifications.
*Please note that using Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer mode cannot be supported.

Archiving System and MTA

Archiving System MTA Correspondence Action
Agent System Active! hunter Supported and recommended MTA
Active! gate Supported and recommended MTA
Milter (sendmail, Postfix) Supported
qmail-queue patch(qmail) Supported
MailSuite/DEEPMail Supported
Transfer System MTA which has the function to copy and transfer the same mail Supported

*In case of using Postfix as Active! vault Agent, ver. 2.3.19 or later is required.
*Regarding sendmail and qmail, use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 8 series (within 8) / CentOS version 8 series (within 8) / AlmaLinux version 8 series (within 8) or later, are not supported.