You don’t have to worry about it anymore. 
Active! gate SS for Google Workspace provides the best solution against all such problems.
All the sender needs to do is send an email normally and Active! gate SS for Google Workspace does the rest, including auto-holding, encrypting, and separating the attachment etc. automatically and seamlessly for mails matching specified conditions. It prevents information leakage caused by erroneous email sending by using 7 unique approaches. Promoting good email etiquette results in elevating your company’s image.

7 Approaches to Prevent Erroneous Email Sending

One little mistake can be fatal in business. Active! gate SS for Google Workspace protects your company from information leakage caused by email communication.

  1. Auto-encryption of sensitive attachments (designs, contracts, documents, etc.)

    The sender just needs to send an email with an attached file. Active! gate SS automatically encrypts the file with a password and delivers it to the recipient securely.

  2. Web download for file attachments

    When the size of the file attachment exceeds the specified value, the file is separated from the body of the email and uploaded on our cloud infrastructure. The recipient accesses the notified URL to download the file.

  3. Auto-holds on sent email for recheck or altering

    When a particular email is sent, it is held automatically and the hold-notification email is sent to the sender. The sender then accesses Active! gate personal controller to recheck the destination, the subject, the body of the email and the attachment before sending it out.

  4. Customizable hold period

    This function is used in combination with auto-hold and allows you to send the same email at different times based on the recipients or other criteria. This means you can configure settings to send your email to internal recipients immediately and then to external recipients after a certain amount of time has passed.

  5. Auto-Bcc

    Active! gate SS can convert your email header. When sending an email to many recipients simultaneously, this function prevents the leakage of email addresses by shifting the email addresses from the “To” or “Cc” fields to the Bcc field.

  6. Restrictions on email sending

    The administrator can set up policies which prevent outgoing emails matching specific criteria. For example, you can reject the transmission of emails which contain a keyword such as “Important” or emails which contain a competitor’s domain or free mail address. This function enables to monitor and eliminate unauthorized sending of emails.

  7. Managerial approval

    A manager or specified third party (the “approver”) can check emails which are sent from the user (the “approval seeker”) before sending them out. In addition, this function can automatically add the manager’s email address to the “Cc” or “Bcc” field to minimize an approver’s work load. This function greatly reduces information leakage caused by small internal mistakes.

System Configuration

Simply change the outgoing connection.
Active gate SS does not interfere with the receiving route. This means that if any trouble should occur with Active! gate SS, it will never prevent reception.