Business emails contain a lot of confidential information. What if those emails were lost?
Active! vault SS for Microsoft 365 reliably archives your email data in real time and saves it securely. Users who have search privileges can search and redeliver archived emails quickly and easily.

  • Selectable Archive Period

    Select an archive period of 1-year, 7-years, or 10-years, according to use.

  • Ready to Use

    Start using Active! vault SS for Microsoft 365 immediately after your contract begins (at least [xx] business days).

  • Low-Price, High-Quality

    Use high-quality functions such as advanced search, access control, and operation history management for a low price.

  • Offline Archive Service*

    Active! gate SS stores your e-mail data on cloud platform for a fixed period and on expiry of such period.

6 Features to Ensure Security and Safety

Email information management is a confusing subject for many system administrators. Active! vault SS for Microsoft 365 reliably archives your important email data on the Cloud.

  1. Safeguarding of confidential data through differentiated search privileges

    When the size of the file attachment exceeds the specified value, the file is separated from the body of the email and uploaded on our cloud infrastructure. The recipient accesses the notified URL to download the file.

  2. Different to archiving through syncing

    With Active! vault SS, the archived data is not synchronized with the email account, meaning that the administrator is not required to perform annoying up-keep procedures for the email data of persons no longer within the company.

  3. Redelivery of archived emails

    Email data is archived into Active! vault SS in real time. So even if a user deletes an important email on his or her terminal by mistake, a search will allow the email to be delivered to the original sender at once. Furthermore, in the case of an audit, the archived emails can be redelivered to the specified address.

  4. Easier migration

    Archived email data can be exported in an open format through a simple operation. If you would like to migrate your email data from an existing service to Active! vault SS, or from Active! vault SS to another service, you can do it easily.

  5. Linkage with our outgoing email security service “Active! gate SS”

    Active! gate SS prevents erroneous email sending by automatically holding erroneous emails, encrypting file attachments, requesting manager approval, and more. In addition, Active! vault SS reliably archives the body of emails as well as file attachments before they are altered with Active! gate SS. Combining our two solutions ensures your email security.

  6. Offline archive service*

    Active! gate SS stores your e-mail data on cloud platform for a fixed period and on expiry of such period, it is handed over to you on monthly basis through Blu-ray disk. Thus, it enables you to store email data for a long time at a low cost.

What is Offline archive service?

on cloud
in real time
This provides for real time archiving of both outgoing and incoming mails and also allows you to search them from admin UI with flexible search settings.
on media
at low cost
In this, on elapse of fixed cloud storage period, monthly mail data is handed over to you through disk media. Which enables you to store email data for a long time at a low cost.

* This service is currently available in limited countries only. For details, please contact us.

System Configuration

Simply add the destination with the journal function.
Active! vault SS does not affect the delivery route so it will never cause transmission failure, and provides worry-free email archival without lock-in.