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Financial leadership, boosted by tough security stance, wins confidence and competition

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Financial leadership, boosted by tough security stance, wins confidence and competition

Singapore’s leading homegrown financial advisory firm, finexis advisory Pte Ltd is winning competition by maintaining neutrality, providing the highest standard of care and acting in the best interests of their clients.

The leadership at finexis also understands the level of confidence entrusted in their handling of data security. finexis takes a tough stance on security; diligently scrutinise and deploy the best-of-breed solutions that meet their stringent criteria.

We are honoured and proud to be selected by finexis as the security solution for delivering secured and safe communication.

Perspective on Information Security

"When we talk about Information security, our main focus is about protecting our customers data. Therefore, our IT team has implemented multi-layered security measures and one of them is Active! gate SS. These measures are to reduce the possibility of data breach or data leak which can be caused by internal or external factors. Especially now, during covid-19 pandemic period, where majority of our staff are working from home and at the same time, Cyber-attacks on businesses is on the rise, We need to ensure our Information security."

finexis and the larger financial risks with WFH and paper-less

"WFH during this pandemic period is necessary and our IT team understands the risk that comes with it, and we take it very seriously.

While WFH is necessary for the continuity of our operations during this pandemic period, we have assessed all the possible risks. For that we have implemented secured and safe ways for our staff to be able to work and transfer data securely from their remote location."

Abraham Saputra, Senior IT Manager (finexis advisory Pte Ltd)

Question and Answer

What is the most important feature relevant to finexis’s adoption of Active! gate SS ?

The most important feature to finexis is email attachment encryption. The flexibility in the product enables us to adopt it for a wide variety of use cases and in the process, we’ve reduced human errors drastically by automating the process.

What kind of situation do you use web download feature ?

We are using web download as an alternative for some email recipients that may have limitation in receiving encrypted attachments due to file size.

Good thing is with Active! gateSS, we have the flexibility and the process is automated.

Have Active! gate SS brought better value to finexis ?

Active! gate SS beats competition with better TCO and product flexibility, allowing us to adopt it to our varied use cases.


We understand the security challenges faced in Financial Services Industry. With the additional impact brought about by COVID-19, we now work even more closely with leading entities in FSI to address key concerns and ensure our solution fit their needs.


QUALITIA is a Email security solution provider. Other than cloud email solution, we also provide outbound email controls (Active! gate SS) and email Archiving (Active! vault SS).


With Active! gate SS, we class leading outbound email controls and security protection:

• 7 different ways to control outbound emails

• Non-intrusive to end-users

• Compliments M365 and Google Workspace

• option for on-premise or cloud implementation


With Active! vault SS, we offer a hybrid archival solution that:

• "Legal-hold" archival, which means full and non-editable archival that can be used for audit, forensics and legal purposes.

• offline M365/Google Workspace and other email solution users archival workload and simplify archival workflow.

• reduce dependencies on the email platforms by moving archival function away from the email function.

• gives customers full control of the archival ownership (virtually and physically). Our hybrid archival features 1 or 3 years online archival, after which the older archive data is removed from the cloud and returned to customers for offline storage. (we provide free software to access the archive data). This reduces cyber-risks by not having large archive emails sitting in the cloud, accessible on the Internet 24/7.