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Mr. Takuya Yamamoto

Mr. Takuya Yamamoto

After deciding to adopt Office 365, the CHUKYO TV Information Systems Team noticed that Office 365 did not have an important function required for the broadcaster to fulfill its security needs.

Mr. Takuya Yamamoto of the Information Systems Team explains the concern that arose after using Office 365: “We often exchange emails with many undisclosed viewers, such as when we hold a lucky draw competition. If someone sent an email to a third party and entered another viewer’s email addresses into the “To” or “Cc” fields, it may cause serious information leakage.”

Fortunately, the broadcaster had not had any incidents of leakage at that point, but there were no guarantees that it would never occur in future.

Office 365 provides an application for smart phone users which accompanies Outlook Web App (OWA) for web browsers. Although the app definitely improves convenience, it also presents a new risk - erroneous email sending.

Installation ~ Starting Operation

Mr. Shigetaka Hirose

Mr. Shigetaka Hirose

Office 365 does not provide functionality to automatically shift  email addresses to the “Bcc” field. As a result, CHUKYO TV were attracted to Active! gate SS due to its function which auto-shifts email addresses to “Bcc”. TransWARE carefully explained and demonstrated how to link Active! gate SS and Office 365. After witnessing the demonstration, Mr. Shigetaka Hirose of Chukyo Electron was impressed with the usability of Active! gate SS.

“Active! gate SS is absolutely the solution that we were asking for,” says Yamamoto, who has concluded. The company has concluded that Active! gate SS offers superior functionality and usability at a fair price. 

Active! vault SS has features not found in Office 365.

It took only a few minutes to link Office 365 and Active! gate SS. In addition, setting security policies, including the auto-shift function, took only 2 hours. The simplicity of installation and configuration gave CHUKYO TV the confidence to master the solution by themselves.
Solutions related to security should function unbeknown to any users. Active! gate SS is an ideal stress-free solution to ensure your email security.