gloops, a mobile entertainment provider, develops a number of famous social games with their motto of “mobile fun for everyone.” gloops is always seeking new possibilities in mobile entertainment.

Customer Profile
gloops, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
600+ employees

A 25 GB mailbox becomes full within only one year

For gloops, email is not simply a communication tool, but a core part of its business. About 600 staff members exchange a huge quantity of emails daily.

“Safe email operation was an urgent task for us,” says Mr. Kazuaki Saga, of Corporate Network group, explaining the situation when he took up his post in the System Infrastructure Division.

The division in charge of developing the content for mobile and smart phones often sends and receives large emails containing graphics files. As a result, their mail boxes of 25 GB per user would become full within only one year; other divisions also tended to use up their capacity.

If a mailbox becomes full, a user is unable to receive new emails, which consequently affects operations. gloops had recommended the deletion of unnecessary emails to users, but from a viewpoint of risk management, it is desirable to keep sent and received emails as long as possible. With this in mind, the company considered methods of archiving Gmail mailboxes to resolve the problem.

Cost performance

“At first, we considered introducing an archive server at our premises to back up emails by ourselves. But given the amount of emails involved and our workload, this was unrealistic,” says Saga regarding the reason for introducing the email archive service.

Before introducing Active! vault SS, gloops set up a one-month trial period, and tested whether it could reliably archive the email boxes of 600 users. This resulted in a strengthened server environment, causing the company to arrange the processes to officially deploy Active! vault SS.

“As we had resolved all concerns during the trial period, we were able to introduce the solution very smoothly. Using an external service meant that we didn’t need to assign staff and machines by ourselves.”

A new email filtering (detection) function was added in response to a gloops request.

gloops decided to use Active! gate SS together with Active! vault SS. The reason for this was the ability of Active! gate SS to detect specific email addresses or domains included in the email subject or body and prevent such emails from being sent. This function was actually added due to gloops’ feedback.

“We often exchange emails which contain confidential information about a new game under development. If someone sent these emails to other divisions or external addresses by mistake, it would be disastrous. We needed a system which could utilize preset policies to stop such emails being sent wrongly,” explains Saga.

The company expressed that they would like to use Active! gate SS as a countermeasure against information leakage.
“When we started to consider the introduction of Active! gate SS, the function which we primarily needed - auto-detecting emails that could possibly leak internal private information - wasn’t available. But when we asked TransWARE to add the function, they responded quickly and made it available with utmost priority,” says Saga, indicating how much he valued the flexible and quick response.

TransWARE’s development team quickly responds to customer requests resulting, in benefits to other customers.