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MS-203 | Microsoft 365 Messaging

Audience Profile

The Messaging Administrator deploys, configures, manages, and troubleshoots recipients, permissions, mail protection, mail flow, and public folders in both on-premises and cloud enterprise environments.


This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role.

Course Outline

Module 1: Managing the Transport Pipeline


• Overview of Transport Services

• Configuring Message Transport

• Managing Transport Rules

Module 2: Managing & Troubleshooting Mail Flow


• Managing Mail Flow

• Troubleshooting Mail Flow

• Troubleshooting Transport Issues

• Troubleshooting with Logs

Module 3: Managing Message Hygiene


• Planning for Message Hygiene

• Managing Anti-Malware & Anti-Spam Policies

• Managing Advanced Threat Protection

Module 4: Managing Compliance


• Messaging Compliance in the SCC

• Messaging Compliance in Exchange

• Managing Exchange Online Archiving & Auditing

• Managing Content Search

Module 5: Managing Organizational Settings


• Managing Authentication for Messaging

• Configuring Organizational Settings

• Configuring Organizational Sharing

Module 6: Managing Mobile Devices


• Mobile Device Mailbox Policies

• Managing Mobile Device Access

Module 7: Managing Role-Based Permissions


• Managing Admin Roles

• Managing User Roles

• Exchange Setup - RBAC & AD Split Permission

Module 8: Managing Recipient Objects & Resources


• Exchange Recipients

• Creating & Managing Exchange Recipients

• Managing Email Addresses, Lists, & Resources

Module 9: Managing Public Folders


• Planning the Public Folder Hierarchy

• Implementing & Managing Public Folders

• Troubleshooting Public Folders

Module 10: Planning a Hybrid Environment


• Exchange Hybrid Deployment Requirements

• Planning to Run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard

Module 11: Performing Mailbox Migrations


• Planning Mailbox Migrations

• Performing IMAP Migrations

• Performing Cutover & Staged Migrations

• Performing Advanced Migrations

Module 12: Deploying & Troubleshooting a Hybrid Environment


• Deploying & Managing an Edge Transport Server

• Configuring a Hybrid Deployment using the HCW

• Implementing Advanced Hybrid Functionality

• Troubleshooting Hybrid Deployments

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