Quality makes the future

Our mission at Qualitia is to deliver IT solutions that are safe, secure, and user-friendly. We pursue quality in every aspect of our business in order to be and remain an indispensable company for society. Qualitia will create the future with our customers and partners.


Cloud Services

Microsoft 365,
Google Workspace

    • Prevention of unintended e-mail sending
    • E-mail archiving
    • Communication Platform
    • File sharing and transfer
    • Web mails

*Prevention of unintended e-mail sending & E-mail archiving is only applicable.

On-premise Products

    • Web mail
    • Prevention of unintended e-mail sending
    • E-mail archiving
    • Anti-spam solutions


Company Profile

Company name QUALITIA CO., LTD.

PMO Nihonbashikayabacho, 3-11-10 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025
TEL: (0)3-5623-2530 / FAX: (0)3-5623-2535

Capital 85 million JPY
Established October 1993
Executive officers Chief executive officer Ken Matsuda
Auditor Isao Nomura
Business QUALITIA’s business is centered around building systems and developing messaging solutions. Products and services include software, appliances, and cloud services as messaging solutions that streamline communication and support security enhancement.
Clients More than 13 million accaounts, consisting of general enterprises, ISPs, the educational and public sectors, and more.

Group Companies

120 Robinson Road #09-01 Singapore, 068913
JinNexVill2 Bldg 2F, 7, Eonju-ro 86-gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 06210
R. 8A, 8F, Indochina Riverside Tower, No. 74 Bach Dang, Hai Chau I Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam

Our 0bjectives

The Qualitia Group has set the following long-term objectives.

  • First and foremost, maintain a customer-first mentality while also creating and sustaining excellent corporate value over the long term for our stakeholders
  • Build an original corporate culture and always strive to be a global leader in our chosen markets
  • Foster an environment in which all of our employees can work with pride, come to know their own value, and fully realize their potential
  • Always stick to the challenge of “pursuing quality,” and contribute to society through our corporate activities and technology


Qualitia Group’s values and standards of value

The values and value system that represent the standard of conduct for Qualitia Group employees. These are clearly defined value standards for realizing the Group’s mission in line with the Group’s future vision.


Complete and thorough sincerity

Being sincere is the foundation of all values in the “QUALITIA VISION.” Through our way of working, we treat our customers, partners, competitors, and colleagues with respect.

In addition, we act with honesty and transparency, keep promises, and fulfill commitments. Even if we end up in a disadvantageous position from a business standpoint, we strive to do the right thing.

Without this sincerity, it is impossible to realize our vision and mission.


Cooperation with each other

The Group’s most important asset is its employees. It is none other than the employees who realize high performance and transform excellent ideas and technologies into successes.

The Qualitia Group’s actions demonstrate the fairness and diversity of its employment opportunities.

Employees will treat each other with mutual respect and dignity, and aim to cooperate with customers and partners to realize our goals.


Learning and moving forward

Each employee must constantly seek ways to maximize value by improving his or her own performance as well as that of our products and services.

In addition, we will continue to improve our products, services, and business processes, and we must constantly be aware of new ideas and technological innovations.

Even in a rapidly changing environment, learning and continuing to improve oneself are shortcuts to progress.


Pursuing quality

The “quality” that we pursue is not limited to the quality of our products and services; it also extends to our interactions with customers and partners.

No companies can succeed without cooperating with their customers. It is the customer who decides the value of the Qualitia Group and our activities.

Pursuing quality in all activities is a prerequisite for success.


Continuing to push for change

In order to achieve the Qualitia Group’s long-term goals, we need to break down the status quo, innovate, and create new value.

It’s not an easy road, but change is only possible through constant effort.

We will continue to strive to build an original corporate culture and support customer success as a global company.


Qualitia Group’s vision for the future

The Qualitia Group’s vision of an ideal future for society. Represents the way that the Group wants to exist as it develops.

We act sincerely, fairly, honestly, and with an indomitable spirit

Whatever the case may be, we act with sincerity as our most important value.
Sincerity represents a fair and honest approach with a high sense of ethics and an indomitable spirit towards achieving one’s goals.

We value and trust customers, partners, and colleagues

We trust customers, partners, and colleagues and build good and continuous relationships with them.
Through teamwork, we can accomplish what we cannot do by ourselves.

We learn and grow for the future

We improve ourselves so that we can grow and evolve, and we never miss opportunities for our own growth.
As a member of a team that shares objectives and goals, each person grows and demonstrates maximum performance.

We place importance on speed and commitment

We will do our best to move quickly without sacrificing quality, safety, and sincerity.
We will also fulfill our commitments to customers, partners, and colleagues.

We contribute to society through technology and innovation

As a member of society and as a global company, the Qualitia Group will build and refine its core competencies.
We will also contribute to society by providing technologies rooted in the real world and by creating a future with innovation.


Making people, making things
Creating the future of communication

The Qualitia Group’s mission is to foster skilled talent, create useful products, and create a reliable future that contributes to society.